My Sauna Buddy

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
My Sauna Buddy

 This 100% true story takes place in a hotel /sauna/">sauna. A friend had recommended joining the /gym/">gym at a hotel as an affordable option to a regular gym. Not only is it much cheaper, but they are always nearly empty, so I didn't have to wait to use the equipment.
After I has been going there for a few weeks, I was kind of surprised one day to actually see another guy using the place. He was on one of the two treadmills. (Only downside: not a lot of equipment to use!)
When I had finished changing in the locker room, I got on the other treadmill and started my 30 minutes while watching the television bolted to the wall.
"How's it going?" the man asked. "Alright" I replied. He was probably about fifty years old, relatively in shape, not someone I would normally pay much attention to. For the next forty minutes we made occasional small talk as we sweated up a storm. I found out his name was Brian, and he was a salesman who was in town quite a lot on business, and he always stays at this hotel, taking advantage of the work-out room.
When my run was over I returned to the locker room. I often then proceed to the dry sauna. I find it relaxing, and it sweats out a ton of impurities. I cranked the heat up pretty high. I took off my sweaty gym clothes and walked to the sauna in a towel. Once inside I made myself comfortable on one of the low benches. This sauna was of average size. It could probably accomodate ten guys. The previous week I had gotten really horny sitting in the sauna, and because I was alone, I had masturbated inside. I wanted to do it again, but that guy was out there! Oh well.
A few minutes later I heard the door to the locker room open and then shut. I guess they guy was finished with his workout. Next came the opening of a locker, followed shortly by the bang of one closing. Then, I could hear someone approaching.
The wwwxxx sauna door opened and Brian stepped inside. He nodded toward me and made his way over to the bench directly across from me. However, Brian's towel was in his hand, not wrapped around his waste. I had never seen a fifty year old dick up close before. It was /fat/">fat, not very long (the guy was probably a grower, not a shower!) and the rest of him looked not too /bad/">bad. After settling down, Brian began making more small talk, asking where I worked and what I did when I wasn't. But it was taking most of my concentration to not stare at what was between his legs. The last thing I need was to get my ass kicked.
Suddenly I had to take a piss, so I excused myself to go take care of business. After pissing, I made my way back to the sauna, but just before I entered I decided that if Brian was going to sit in there butt-naked, then I could do the same. I strolled into the sauna, towel in hand and took my same place on the bench.
By now, we were both pretty relaxed, so we allowed quite a bit of time to pass in silence. In fact, my mind drifted so much, that I wasn't aware of what was going on around me. I was brought back to /reality/">reality by Brian murmering "hey!" at me. Without thinking I looked over at him and he was sporting a not-to-shabby hard-on! Not only that, but my own penis was growing erect as well.
I looked up to Brian's face. He was grinning like the cat who ate the canary. His hand made its way from his broad chest, down his stomach and to his pulsating cock. He began making long, slow strokes up and down the shaft. What a great day this was turning out to be!
Now that I knew the score, I grabbed ahold of my own boner and started yanking on it. Neither of us spoke. Sweat was pouring down both of our bodies, hot not just from the heat of the sauna, but from the sexual heat we were generating.
Now that he was hard, Brian had a good six inches of cut cock, and two large, tastey-looking balls. My own six inches of meat were as hard as a rock, and I could already feel my nuts begin to draw up tight. Then, Brian got up and walked over, and sat down right next to me. "That's real nice," he said, "here, let me help you with that." Brian took my dick in his left hand while he continued stroking himself with his right. He worked my knob really good, squeezing the precum from my piss slit. I reached over and grabbed his fat juicy cock and started beating him off.
After we spent some very pleasant time jacking each other off, Brian stopped and put his hand to my chest and pushed me onto my back. He knelt down, parted his lips, and took my fuckstick into his /mouth/hot-mouth/">hot mouth. He sucked me like a guy who knew what he was doing. Both of us were moaning in total sexual extasy. Brian's wet mouth had my cock slathered in spit, allowing him to slide up and down my dick fast, and with almost no friction. Jeez but it felt good!
Although I didn't want this great blow job to end, I knew I coudn't hold out any longer. "Brian, I'm gonna cum!" He pulled off my meat and fisted my cock furiously. In just a few strokes I shot a nice, warm load of cock cream all over my chest and stomach. The release felt so good. When I finished, Brian asked me to get him off with my hand.
I squatted in front of him and took his dick in my hand. The head was swollen,red, and precum covered it. I fisted his tool with one hand and rubbed his nuts with the other. "Mmmmmm....yeah...that's nice" he said. I love watching the look on a guy's face in the midst of sexual excitement.
"Oh yeah man, here it comes" Brian said. Sure enough, gobs of sperm came raging out of his cock. I aimed his prick at my chest, where most of his load landed, although some got on his thigh. I love it when a dude shoots a lot of cum, and Brian did not disappoint. When his orgasm subsided, he patted me on the shoulder and told me how great that was. I returned the compliment.
For the next six months, I made it a point to "run into Brian" when he came in for his twice a week meetings. We never saw each other away from the wwwxxx the gym, but I was never disappointed in one of our encounters. Each one ended in a cum-drenched finale!!