Beckys New Adventures Birthday Suprise

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Beckys New Adventures Birthday Suprise

Part 3: Becky’s Birthday Present

(This story is completely fictional)

Three weeks after their first experience together, Glenn had discovered a new term that described him exactly’ GirlLover. He had stumbled on a web site that explained that bokep sma pecah perawan GirlLovers are attracted to young girls emotionally and physically. The sited talked about how today’s society treats pedophiles (which means lovers of children) as child molesters and evil people, but that true lovers of children never molest old waman xxxgx them, but treat them with /real/real-love/">real love, respect, and care. It explained terms like Age Of Attractiveness, but Glenn wasn’t attracted to a certain age, just a certain someone, one person, one girl, one desire, and now felt a new rush, and that his passion was accepted, not by society as a whole, but by a small minority. That was all he needed; it made this possible. He just hoped that she really longed for him, and that it wasn’t some passing little girl ’crush’ thing.

Two days before her birthday, Becky was fidgety. Something kept stirring inside her, and as she began touching herself more and more each night, her mind kept thinking of one person’Glenn. He had been keeping his distance from her the last few weeks, hardly noticing her, or at least looking like it. Maybe he was keeping things ’clean’ so her /dad/mom-dad/mom-and-dad/">mom and dad wouldn’t notice anything, or maybe that night with him was all it was’.but her feelings for him were building, as she began to feel true longing and passion for the very /first-time/">first time in her young life. As she fingered herself silly in bed on the night before her birthday, she failed to notice a pair of eyes watching her’

Becky’s birthday was lively. She had a few friends over for a small /party/">party of music, games and the usual cake and ice cream. Becky had fun and liked her presents, including the electronic game Glenn gave her, but she didn’t like the plain look he had when he said ’Happy Birthday, Becky.’ She had hoped for something more, not sure what really, just something more. Ok, she wanted a LOT more’of something.

After her last friend left the /party/birthday-party/">birthday party and when her parents weren’t in the room, Glenn sneaked in, reached his arms around Becky from behind, gently pressed his groin against her young, supple frame, and slipped a small piece of paper into her hand. She gasped, knowing full well who it was, but before awakening from her 5 second head-lightening / pulse-racing experience, he was gone. She turned to smile at him, but he had vanished. Confused, she then noticed the note in her hand. She quickly stuffed it in her pocket and headed to the bathroom.

After locking the door behind her, she removed the note from her pocket. She read, ’Don’t be despaired, my dear. You have one more present waiting for you. But you have to know when and where to look for it’’

(Oh my God!) she whispered to herself. Dazed, she pulled her jeans and panties half-way down and slowly sat on the cold toilet seat, still holding the note. She wondered, ’What did this mean? More kissing and touching with Glenn? Could she play with his thing’..penis thing? Would he touch her more, maybe even’’ She touched her bald pussy, lightly, then quickly, and began penetration just like Glenn did that night. She was lost in a feeling that went deeper then life itself, lost in a new world, and wanted more, SO MUCH MORE!!

KNOCK’KNOCK! on the door. ’Anyone in there?’ It was her older brother. She awoke from her nymphatic state and hastily pulled up her clothes, then scrambled to flush the toilet, to leave the appearance that she really did use it. As she opened the door and walked passed her brother, she again failed to notice the pair of eyes looking at her, lustfully eyeing her body as they have been doing for a year now’’

Glenn knew that tonight would make or break this relationship with Becky. He STILL couldn’t believe it though, that a girl 24 years younger than him actually seems to be interested in him physically, and the thought that she was brand new to physical sensuality and that HE was about to be the one to show her everything about it was almost too much for him. He just had to make sure that she was following her feelings and didn't feel pushed into this, because he loved her and cared for her, and also because if her parents ever found out anything’.

Quite footsteps came up the stairs in the dark, cold night. Glenn lay in his bed on his back, nude, and eyes wide open. When he heard a hesitant footstep on the top stair, he slowly turned his head to see’.. her. Her beauty was beyond astounding, her young and naive eyes shown with a mix of /pure/pure-love/">pure love and building passion, as fresh and clean as a new rose just opening in the daybreak dew, and as lustful as a starving lioness ripping apart the flesh of her latest kill. When Glenn saw those eyes, he knew, she wanted him, maybe even more then he wanted her, but he still used his skill of patience, because if he hadn’t he would have devoured her flesh so quickly and completely that’ He cut of his thoughts.

’I have something for you,’ he propositioned as he gradually pulled the bed covers back a bit, ’but only if you want it, and only if you remember your promise.’

She smiled slowly, her eyes drew wider and twinkled, but said nothing. She too knew that this is exactly what she wanted ’ pure closeness, gentle touch, passions explored, desires fulfilled ’ but she didn’t know this until just this minute. He was offering her her deepest longing of her heart and she was falling for him totally because she trusted him as the Statue of Liberty trusts the island she stands on. Even if she wanted to say ’No,’ or ’ My parents will kill me if they found out,’ or ’I don’t this is right,’ she couldn’t. She was caught in his perfectly spun web, and she knew it’ and she loved it.


A pause, as their eyes remained fixated.

’Do you want your present?’
’Oh Yes!’
’And do you still commit to your’I mean ’our’ promise?’

’Our.’ She loved that word, she loved that it meant a promise for the two of them and no one else.’

’Becky, I need to hear you say it.’
’Can we kiss?’
’Yes, and more, but you need to say that you remember our promise.’
’More? How much more?’ Eagerness and excitement filled her eyes.


Glenn sighed, and waited, but the tent under his bed sheet was reaching new heights now. Becky’s chest was making 2 little tents of its own. Seeing that, he almost let out a moan of desire. Becky felt something new - wetness, slowly building tingling moisture between her inner thighs. She thought maybe it was sweat, but she was a bit cold in her white, oversized ’T’.

’Do you promise to keep everything we do ONLY between you and me, so that our closeness can get even closer, and so no one ever takes us apart, because if anybody ’ I mean ANYBODY ’ found out about us, we might be taken apart forever. This is as serious as anything can get between 2 people, and we are taking a huge risk. But I promise to you.’

Another long pause.

’Becky, do you?’
Becky sighed, a nervous yet completely sincere and lovely sigh.’
’I promise’
That was it. It was all or nothing from now on, for both of them.

Glenn pulled back the covers more and reached out his hand to her. She reached, and took his hand, then lay next to him. He kissed her gently, then firmly. She quickly pushed her tongue to meet his, and their tongues danced together for minutes, feeling each other’s fluids mix as their bodies molded together. Then Glenn stopped, and pulled off her mouth.

’I think you want to take this off,’ as he started to remove her ’T’ shirt. She came to, and quickly tore it over her head and let it fall wherever. Then he slowly touched her very /breasts/small-breasts/">small breasts, and flicked her nipples. Electricity shot through her, almost stunning her. She gasped deeply.

Glenn stopped. She froze. Then he slowly helped her down on her back on the bed next to him, and leaned over her’.and slowly’..ever so gently’. Began to massage her newly budding breasts with his tongue. He felt the small, tight lump of sensitive flesh between his lips, and squeezed, as if to draw milk from it. Becky had her eyes shut tight, arching her back, as he was milking her new powerful emotions as they grew to her first ever orgasm. She wanted to stay lost in his passion forever, and for that moment, she was.

Then she twitched her abdomen, as another sensation jolted her. He had place his right hand back where she wanted it, where he had it weeks before, and felt his fingers entering her again. But this time, he began massaging her down there just like he was up on her breasts. This double intensity put her over the edge, and she experienced the first of many to cum. At the height of /ecstasy/">ecstasy, she vowed to do whatever he wanted with her, to be his no matter what. She made him her lord for life.

Glenn felt her orgasm and saw her reaction, and new that she was addicted to sex, maybe even more then he was addicted to her. She felt a full orgasm and wanted it and wanted more, and as with all things in her life so far, she did whatever she wanted to feel, and unless he was wrong, she wanted this more then anything.

After about 2 minutes, Glenn helped Becky on top of him, so they could feel their chests together. She moved her legs on top of his, and he interlaced their fingers together, arms apart, like 2 crucifixes molded together, with her head on it’s side on his chest, and (without her noticing) his now 8’ pole nestled between her thighs, just below her naked virginity. He was in complete lust, and she was in complete love and desire.

She sighed deeply, and melted on his body.

’Happy Birthday,’ he whispered.

She smiled, then she wondered, ’was that it? Will he do that again? Will he do more? I want so much more right now!’

’Could I’.,’ she started.
’Anything you want.’
’Really? Anything’

He lifted her off his chest, caressed her neck, kissed her, than began necking her all over, than kissed her again long and deep.

The he reaffirmed, ’Yes, Anything you want, my love. This night is for you.’
She paused, and pondered, then smiled and said, ’OK.’

She said to herself. ’He said anything, and that means... everything.’

She moved her legs, found his tent-maker, reached down, touched it, then squeezed it, then pulled it, using it as leverage to pull her down to it, going under the covers until her mouth was inches from it. Then she kissed it, smiled, and said out loud, ’Ok. Remember, you said ’Anything.’’

Part 4: The new meaning of ’Anything’ (to be continued’)